PL Medical Stainless Steel Surgical Blade Handle #3 BH4


PL Medical Stainless Steel Surgical Blade Handle #3 BH4

Our handles are known for their precision and assure reliability and durability to the user. Entrusted with the confidence of eminent surgeons, our handles are trustworthy and have been manufactured with the invaluable inputs from scientists and R&D professionals all over the world.

Stainless steel handles are easily griped, are light in weight, adaptable, auto-clavable and supplied in individual plastic wallets.
Where appropriate, surgical handles should be cleaned thoroughly using warm soapy water. To avoid damage to the handles during cleaning or sterilization a tumbling action is not recommended. Handles that have been cleaned should the thoroughly inspected for any damage or wear. Before use, all handles should be checked and inspected to ensure that the blade is attached to the handle correctly and securely
Handles that have become worn or damaged should not be used.



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